Hong Kong International Licensing Show Online

Date: Jan.11~Jan.15,2021

The transparent box is suitable for storing shoes, towels, clothing, etc. The clear box helps its users recognize the contents at a glance. The protruding points design on cover ensure boxes are stacked stably with each other.

It is the top-selling products in our domestic market. PA01 is a shallow drawer and PA10 is a deep one, both are perfect for A4 size document. With the stackable design, it offers you a free way to allocate boxes.

Two sizes are available. Protruding points on the cover enhance the function of stackability and transparent design may let you classified shoes easily. PA01 with a shallow drawer can place for 1 pair of flats. PA10 with deeper drawer, it suits two pairs of shoes or no doubt to put a high-heel inside.


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